Thoughts on Evolution Sunday

Two hundred and one years ago today, Charles Darwin was born. Some churches mark the Sunday nearest Darwin’s birthday as an occasion to reflect on the relationship between science and religion. It’s been an uneasy relationship for a very long time. Disagreement about science and Biblical interpretation is nothing new. Even Augustine, who lived from 354-430 […]

Snake in the Grass?

For some Christians part of their difficulty in accepting evolution is that in evolution death and violence occur in creation before the appearance of  humans and what Christians call “the Fall”. In some classical accounts of the Fall  the pre fall world is a place without death and without suffering. Death enters the world because of and as […]

Difficult Texts

The binding of Isaac. The Akedah. The testing of Abraham. No matter what you call it, this story found in Genesis 22:1-19 is difficult and disturbing. It’s one of the Biblical stories that everyone “knows”, even if they have never read the Bible. You can read the story here. My purpose today isn’t to offer a complex […]

Reading Genesis like the Ancients

It’s always good to try to understand the worldview and culture of the original audience of scripture. It is an important and valuable tool in interpreting the Bible. It can be of great value in developing an appropriate  and plausible interpretation of the Bible. Notice,  I didn’t say correct interpretation -that is much harder to achieve, […]

Risk in the Garden

We spend  a lot of time here thinking about the early Genesis stories.  I find them endlessly fascinating.  Last week I wrote about the encounter between Eve and the Serpent in the Garden and what we Christians commonly refer to as “the Fall”. This week I want to offer another perspective, from John Sanders book, The […]