John Calvin- who are you?

Today, July 10, is the 500th anniversaryof John Calvin’s birth. John Calvin evokes a lot of emotion for a dead guy. People either love him or hate him.  Calvin is either the greatest theologian who ever lived or as  the “father” of  Calvinism the source of most of what is wrong with the western world today. John Calvin is, […]

Food, Farms, and Faith

Last week we talked about Industrial Farm Animal Production and the problems it has produced in the US. The week before that we talked about zoonotic diseases and that the need to feed families causes people to move more deeply into previously uninhabited (by humans) regions of the world. This week, I would like to […]

Religion and Science, Again

Does it seem to you that in discussions between “science” and “religion” , most often “science” is the one who sets the terms of the discussion? It seems so to me. Not always, but often. We start with science and then see if religion has anything to add.  We approach the topic as if science has the more […]

Jesus’ Birth and the Emperor

First an apology. Last week I said I would post some resources and clearly I didn’t. I had internet connection problems over the past week that now, I’m glad to say, are resolved. This week I would like to think about religion in the Roman Empire in the first century BCE. Of course people write entire books […]