Thinking about Easter, well after Easter

A few¬†Sundays ago was Pentecost, which is the last Sunday of the Easter season. Yes, Easter is not one day it is a season. There are three significant Sundays in the Easter season, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. While all Christian churches celebrate Easter and many celebrate Pentecost, fewer celebrate Ascension Day. Theologically speaking all three […]

Happy (Belated) Ascension Day

Yesterday (May 17,2012) was Ascension Day. I hope this post finds you sufficiently recovered from all your Ascension Day festivities at church and home. They can be exhausting, I know. What? You didn’t celebrate Ascension Day? Really? Actually I know you didn’t. Even on Facebook yesterday (and a fair number of my ¬†‘friends’ are pastors […]