What Does God’s Call Look Like? Vocation Part 4

What does God’s call look like? One way to discover that is to listen to other people’s’ stories. One place where we have a collection of “call stories” is in the Bible.  Abram, Moses, David, Samuel, Jonah, Isaiah, Amos, Micah, Peter, Paul and many more. We’ve already discussed how these stories are preserved because they […]

Vocation: part two,What does the Bible say?

Christians believe that God calls people to love God and to love our neighbor. To help us understand what that means, Christians look to the Bible for guidance. However, the guidance we receive isn’t a blueprint. It isn’t a plan with 7 steps to success. It’s not a roadmap. Biblical guidance doesn’t assume that one […]

Vocation part one

When you hear the words “vocation” and “call” what do you think of? Do you think about pastors you know? Do you think of missionaries? Do you think about accountants? Do you think about sales clerks?  Do you think about your own life? Unfortunately the words “call” and “vocation” have come to be associated with […]