Christian Business Ethic: A Proposal

Last week I asked if there is a distinctly Christian business ethic. My response to my question is, yes… and no. Yes, in that there is a way Christians in business ought to conduct themselves. But no in that Christians can’t separate out their business “life” as something different from the rest of their life. […]

Food, Farms, and Faith

Last week we talked about Industrial Farm Animal Production and the problems it has produced in the US. The week before that we talked about zoonotic diseases and that the need to feed families causes people to move more deeply into previously uninhabited (by humans) regions of the world. This week, I would like to […]


What is justice? Are there crimes that are unforgivable? Can a person ever truly put the past behind them? What is our responsibility to others in our communities? These are tough questions, with no easy answers. This  news article and commentary  in the Grand Rapids Press  got me thinking about this questions, again.  I’m no […]

The Academic Freedom Law

Here in Michigan, as in some other states, legislation called the “Academic Freedom Law” has been introduced into both the state House of Representatives and the Senate. Please take a moment and read the bill  Its short and mostly free from legal- speak. (its the same in both the Michigan House and Senate. You will […]