How Do We Read the Bible, Historically?

Earlier this week at Jesus Creed, the topic was Biblical authority and the historical reliability of the Bible.  ( by the way, the Jesus Creed post-God, Science, and Evolution is worth a read as well).  These sorts of discussion always cause me to wonder why some of us  Christians are so insistent that Scripture conform […]

Who is Discerning Who?

Discernment. In my professional and personal life I have spent  a lot of time thinking about discernment and seeking discernment. Very simply put, discernment is the conscious seeking of God’s will in one’s life. Sometimes one has a very specific question. Sometimes one is seeking direction in a larger sense.  Always underneath the  “what should […]

Talking about the Bible and Belief: The Most Important Thing

If you were going to give someone advise about how to talk about the Bible, what would it be? If someone asked you for guidance about how to discuss their faith, what would you say? What is the most important thing they need to know? What is the key to successful conversation?  I want to suggest that […]