Getting It Right

I  remember being 18, 20, 24 years old and wanting desperately to get it right. And by “it” I mean my life, all of it: school future career family church all the big problems of the world I struggled with what  I could do about war, poverty, discrimination and all the other tough problems. Was […]

Finding Our Way: Which Stories?

Stories have great power. That’s why we tell stories at family gatherings and around campfires. That’s why we read novels and go to the movies. That’s why we love bedtime stories. Stories have great power.  Stories can make us cry. Stories can make us cheer. Stories can build community. Stories can express more that the […]

Lost and Found

I have been re reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s book An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith, in particular the chapter on “The Practice of Getting Lost”. She writes about how we stick to safe paths and avoid stepping out of our comfort zones to avoid taking risks and getting lost.  “If you do not start […]

Who is Discerning Who?

Discernment. In my professional and personal life I have spent  a lot of time thinking about discernment and seeking discernment. Very simply put, discernment is the conscious seeking of God’s will in one’s life. Sometimes one has a very specific question. Sometimes one is seeking direction in a larger sense.  Always underneath the  “what should […]