Freedom of Speech: Not for Christians

These have been difficult days for US embassy workers and people living in the Middle East and Africa. They and we are caught in a complex situation that is neither easily understood nor simply resolved. This blog typically does not comment directly on political events. Certainly the world doesn’t need another opinion about events in […]

Is Obama/Santorum/Romney/Gingrich a Christian?

Okay, here we go again. Last week the Rev. Franklin Graham was asked if he thinks President Obama and others politicians are Christian. Here is a link to the interview. Rev. Graham said many amazing things in that interview, but let’s just focus on his answer to that perennial favorite question, “Is X a Christian?”. […]

Evil and Love

Should we ever call someone evil? What are we saying when we call someone evil?  These are some of the questions Miroslav Volf addresses in his essays “Evil and Evildoers” and “Demons or Evildoers” in his book  Against the Tide:love in a time of petty dreams and persisting enmities. Volf notes that some (moral expressivists) […]