Who is the smartest of them all?

It turns out, ironically enough, that designing accurate and  appropriate intelligence tests for animals, tests our intelligence.  Recently the Wall Street Journal ran an article by  Frans de Waal about animal intelligence and the difficulties in creating appropriate tests.  Please take a few minutes to read de Waal’s article, it is quite interesting. We seem to be an insecure […]

Oil and Water and You and I

Have you been following the Gulf Oil spill?  If not, check this out, and this. And look at this.   Really look at it. As you know there are lots of images and lots of articles you can read about this tragedy.  There will be lots of debate about what went wrong, and will it happen […]

The Greening of John Calvin

One’s 500thbirthday is an auspicious event (even though one is not around to personally celebrate). So it seems good to me to spend another week with John Calvin. At the Read the Spirit website, they published an interesting comment in response to the attention that Calvin’s 500th birthday is receiving. You can read the full […]

Why Don’t We Care?

This afternoon, I am heading over to Calvin College for the Wake Up Weekend (on this link you will need to scroll down to Jan. 12 for the schedule). I’m looking forward to the opportunity to think theologically about animals and the environment. As some of you who read this blog know, this is an interest […]