Snake in the Grass?

For some Christians part of their difficulty in accepting evolution is that in evolution death and violence occur in creation before the appearance of  humans and what Christians call “the Fall”. In some classical accounts of the Fall  the pre fall world is a place without death and without suffering. Death enters the world because of and as […]

“Just a Theory”

“Just a theory”. That’s what people sometimes say in discussions about evolution. “Just a theory”, as if evolution is an idea some mischievous scientists thought up at happy hour.  When people use the word theory in casual conversation, they can mean almost any sort of explaination about anything no matter how speculative. We can have a theory about  […]

Once Again, Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design

Earlier this week on their web site, Scientific American posted the article, “Evolving Creationism in the Classroom”  complete with links to earlier articles and a state by state map of the “creationism controversy”.  The article, in my estimation, didn’t have anything new to say other than to note Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s comments concerning creationism and […]

The Academic Freedom Law

Here in Michigan, as in some other states, legislation called the “Academic Freedom Law” has been introduced into both the state House of Representatives and the Senate. Please take a moment and read the bill  Its short and mostly free from legal- speak. (its the same in both the Michigan House and Senate. You will […]