Exodus: the road out

I just finished writing the last bit of commentary for Exodus at Westminster Reads. The first part of Exodus – at least some of it-is familiar to most of us. Moses’ birth. Israel in slavery in Egypt. The burning bush. The plagues. “Let my people go”. Passover. The parting of the Red Sea. Manna. The […]


There is a wonderful scene in the book of Exodus. It’s the part of the story where the people are in the wilderness and God is just about to send quails and manna for food. They have been complaining about the lack of food. Moses, via his brother Aaron, tells the assembled people, “Draw near […]

Animal Sacrifice, Then and Now

I don’t  normally blog about the lectionary passages but this week’s Hebrew Bible passage concerning the institution of Passover prompted some reflection about the relationship between God, humans and animals. Take a moment and read Exodus 12:1-14. Like most Bible passages, there is a lot  that can be said about it. There are all sorts of interesting things to […]