God and Dog and Animal Rights

Recently the New York Times ran a editorial and an article about animal rights, both pieces prompted by Spain’s recent action to grant some legal rights to certain apes. To talk about animal rights, we must first recognize that the phrase has become a politically loaded term, used in unhelpful ways by extremists. Extreme animal rights activists have […]

God and Dog and Barth

This week let’s look at something Karl Barth wrote. If you would like some information about Karl Barth, this Wikipedia article is one source, and the Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Modern Western Theology has three short articles, and finally here is a 1962 Time magazine article. While there is a lot about Karl Barth on line, his books themselves are […]

God and Dog and Charles Colson Part One

In the April 2008 edition of Christianity Today, Charles Colson and Anne Morse wrote “Keeping Pets in Their Place: Why we can’t afford to treat animals like they’re humans”.   Please read it and then come back so we can talk about it.  Its been a while since I read something where I disagreed with the authors […]

In the Image of God: what it means to be human

Can we revisit the topic what it means to be human? My post “What does it mean to be human” from February 22, 2008 explored the question from the perspective of the traditional answer, how we are different from animals. Historically that is how we have defined ourselves. But almost daily there is a new piece of research that […]