Pray to Jesus. Yes, but?

Someone I know posted some sad, dark words on Facebook. Someone else I know responded by telling them to “Pray, Jesus can save you.” That is a true statement. Prayer is important and Jesus does save. However, as someone who has called out to Jesus plenty of times in my life, I wonder when, exactly, is […]

Small things many times

Occasionally as part of my work in campus ministry, I have the opportunity to take a small group of students on a service learning trip. (AKA mission trip). We travel about an hour and a half south to Benton Harbor, Michigan. We work with the people of First Presbyterian Church, Benton Harbor and their mission […]

Thinking about Easter, well after Easter

A few Sundays ago was Pentecost, which is the last Sunday of the Easter season. Yes, Easter is not one day it is a season. There are three significant Sundays in the Easter season, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. While all Christian churches celebrate Easter and many celebrate Pentecost, fewer celebrate Ascension Day. Theologically speaking all three […]