Plot Twist

We don’t often talk about plot twists in Biblical texts, but the book of Job has a couple worth noting. Job’s friends are well known for their unhelpfulness. But as unhelpful and annoying as they are, they do seem to accomplish one thing. As Job listens to their assessment of his  situation and their suggestions […]

The Impatience of Job

My plan to post daily, clearly didn’t work out. Nevertheless, we plod on. Job, a long, often boring book. An often a misunderstood book. Sometime people talk about the book of Job as if it contains the answer to the problem of evil. If you read the book, it doesn’t. Evil and suffering are not […]

Reading Job

Who or what is the book of Job about? Many of us would say the book is the story of Job and about the problem of suffering. When in the past I read Job as the Bible’s discussion of why bad things happen to good people, I found it a frustrating book. While the question […]