Vocation part one

When you hear the words “vocation” and “call” what do you think of? Do you think about pastors you know? Do you think of missionaries? Do you think about accountants? Do you think about sales clerks?  Do you think about your own life? Unfortunately the words “call” and “vocation” have come to be associated with […]

The Greening of John Calvin

One’s 500thbirthday is an auspicious event (even though one is not around to personally celebrate). So it seems good to me to spend another week with John Calvin. At the Read the Spirit website, they published an interesting comment in response to the attention that Calvin’s 500th birthday is receiving. You can read the full […]

John Calvin- who are you?

Today, July 10, is the 500th anniversaryof John Calvin’s birth. John Calvin evokes a lot of emotion for a dead guy. People either love him or hate him.  Calvin is either the greatest theologian who ever lived or as  the “father” of  Calvinism the source of most of what is wrong with the western world today. John Calvin is, […]