Getting It Right

I  remember being 18, 20, 24 years old and wanting desperately to get it right. And by “it” I mean my life, all of it: school future career family church all the big problems of the world I struggled with what  I could do about war, poverty, discrimination and all the other tough problems. Was […]

Wasteful or Extravagant?

Sometimes people who argue against evolution cite it’s apparent wastefulness and dead ends as reasons it can’t be true. God would not design a world with wastefulness and purposeless lives. But one person’s wastefulness is another’s extravagance. What seems purposeless may ultimately be full of meaning. Are the thousands of maple seeds that fly through […]

Breaking Hearts and Birthdays

My oldest child turns 18 today. Because, like most 18-year-old young men he doesn’t want his mother publicly talking about him, I’ll save my personal comments for Facebook. (just kidding son). Begin pregnant during Advent and giving birth between Christmas and Epiphany does, for the theologically inclined, cause one to think about love- particularly a […]