Baby Sized Signs

Christmas, for the Western church, is over. (Happy Christmas to Orthodox readers!) The Christmas stories are full of signs and so I’ve been thinking about signs- the ways God makes God’s self and God’s desires known to us. Sometimes God makes a “statement”. Pillars of fire. Parting seas. Obvious signs that we should pay attention. […]

How Can This Be? Jesus’ Birth

One of the claims Christians make about Jesus is that he, as the Apostle’s Creed says, “was born of the Virgin Mary”. Both Nativity stories, Matthew and Luke, make this claim. People who want to defend the faith and debunk the faith write about this topic. Unfortunately people on all sides of the issue are prone to wonder […]

Putting Christmas where it belongs

It is the end of November and we are deeply into the “holiday season”. Christmas lights and pumpkins have been in the same store aisle. The season that used to begin on the Friday after Thanksgiving has been steadily creeping; first past Thanksgiving, then past Halloween and now into September. Each year I feel at […]