The End,The Beginning.

Over the next few days Christians will be reading and listening to some well-known Bible stories. Some will hear these stories and wonder, Did this really happen? How can this be true? virgin births, moving stars, angels, magi…. Friends, this Christmas season let me suggest something. Don’t worry about the question, did it happen? Ask […]

How Can This Be? Jesus’ Birth

One of the claims Christians make about Jesus is that he, as the Apostle’s Creed says, “was born of the Virgin Mary”. Both Nativity stories, Matthew and Luke, make this claim. People who want to defend the faith and debunk the faith write about this topic. Unfortunately people on all sides of the issue are prone to wonder […]

Jesus’ Birth and the Emperor

First an apology. Last week I said I would post some resources and clearly I didn’t. I had internet connection problems over the past week that now, I’m glad to say, are resolved. This week I would like to think about religion in the Roman Empire in the first century BCE. Of course people write entire books […]