The Comercialization of Christmas, a Good thing?

Many of us bemoan the ubiquitous, commercial nature of Christmas. It is fairly easy to find commentary critical of the consumer Christmas phenomena. Search “christmas and consumerism” on your favorite search engine and you can read until your eyes glaze over.  But before we all jump completely on the anti- commercialization bandwagon, consider what  author […]

The Greening of John Calvin

One’s 500thbirthday is an auspicious event (even though one is not around to personally celebrate). So it seems good to me to spend another week with John Calvin. At the Read the Spirit website, they published an interesting comment in response to the attention that Calvin’s 500th birthday is receiving. You can read the full […]

Religious or Spiritual?

Are you religious or spiritual? It’s a common distinction people make these days. I hope you answered. “both”. We have a habit of viewing the world through an either/or lens. For us/against us,                                winner/looser, working mom/soccer mom, science/religion, conservative/liberal, blue state/red state. I’m sure you can think of more. In some ways it makes life […]