Sabbath: Animals Included

The Bible doesn’t have much to say about God’s relationship with animals. This isn’t surprising since the Bible is part of God’s revelation to humans and thus the relationship between God and humanity is the focus of the story. God’s revelation to animals, whatever it is, is unknown to us. Since animals are not storytellers- at least in […]

Pluralism, Politics, and Faith

Over the last few weeks the Center for Public Justice has been running a series on pluralism and American politics. You can find the series here . The articles are short and well written with each author presenting a somewhat different view on the topic. In fact, these articles are so well written that you might […]

Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies, reflections on the book by Nancey Murphy

Here is a quiz for you.  Don’t worry it’s only one question. Which of these choices best describes what you think human beings are. *      1. Humans are composed of one “part”: a physical body.             1a. Human beings are “nothing but” our physical bodies. (materialism)             1b. Human beings are complex physical beings,  […]