The God We Have

From time to time this year, we have reflected on particular passages in Torah. Torah can be difficult for modern persons to understand and accept because it is very old and comes from a culture that is very different from modern western cultures. The God of  the Old Testament is difficult to figure out.  God, as […]

Jesus and Torah

Last time on the blog, we thought about some of the purposes of Torah. For Christians, spending some time thinking about Torah is useful because that helps us better understand some of the things Jesus said and did. For example, in Matthew 5 during the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says, “Do not think that […]


Besides writing this blog, I also write at Westminster Reads which is an online Bible study/reading site offered by my church, Westminster Presbyterian Church. Last year we read through the New Testament and this year we are reading Torah- the first five books of the Bible. Among other things, Torah tells the early history of […]

Old Testament; who cares?

At Westminster Reads we’ have read our way through the book of Hebrews and that has me thinking about how important understanding the Old Testament is if we want to really understand the New Testament. Sometimes Christians think of the Old Testament as unimportant or irrelevant or obsolete or worse still replaced even superseded by the New Testament. […]

Animal Sacrifice, Then and Now

I don’t  normally blog about the lectionary passages but this week’s Hebrew Bible passage concerning the institution of Passover prompted some reflection about the relationship between God, humans and animals. Take a moment and read Exodus 12:1-14. Like most Bible passages, there is a lot  that can be said about it. There are all sorts of interesting things to […]