Bird Brains

Did you see the New York Times article about crows? Take a look and be sure to watch the video. Evidently, crows can tell us apart. John Marzluff, a researcher at the University of Washington has found that crows remember the faces of people who trap them. Not only that, over time other crows who haven’t been trapped learn to be wary of those people.

Crows and their near kin the Raven are interesting birds. You can find out a little more about crows at this Cornell University site. You can learn a little more about the folklore and myths involving crows and ravens at this Alaska Department of Fish and Game site. If you really want to know more about crows you might want to check out John Marzluff and Tony Angell’s book, In the Company of Crows and Ravens.

Why am I writing about crows? Because crows live much more complex and interesting lives than most of us give them credit for- if we think about them at all. They are common birds, easy to find, yet we live oblivious to the wonder of crows among us. So this weekend, pay attention to the common things around you. Look for a crow and be amazed.


By the way, did you know this about flies?


It’s a wonderful world. If only we have eyes to see.




Back in July, I wrote “Religious or Spiritual” about our need for both religion and spirituality, my friend Tom has posted a great sermon of his that approaches the topic from a slightly different and quite helpful perspective. He’s a terrific preacher, please take the time to check it out.

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