Wild Dogs in Moscow

I’m at the Wake Up Weekend this weekend.  That event along with a few other things has made writing new content this week difficult.

Instead of something I have written, please check out this very interesting article from  Susanne Sternthal writing for the Financial Times about the wild dogs of Moscow. Researchers have observed that different packs of dogs interact with their urban environment differently. Besides the interesting findings about the variety of ways  packs of feral dogs organize themselves as they interact with their environment, the article touches on the ways that human societies attitudes towards animals influences the behavior of animals.

I can’t imagine a US city tolerating 35,000 stray dogs as Moscow does. In the US, stray dogs are seen as a problem to be managed. The article suggests that Muscovites see the stray dogs as a normal part of the urban environment.

Fascinating stuff, particularly as I spend a weekend with animal advocates.

I’d like to know, what do you think?

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