This and That

Today friends I’m feeling a little random so this week’s post is a collection of bits and pieces. Things I would like to share with you- in no particular order.

If you haven’t read Greg Mortenson’s Stones into Schools, you should. Greg Mortenson is the founder of the Central Asia Institute, an organization that helps people in some of the most remote areas of central Asia build and staff schools. It is a fascinating story, both hopeful and heartbreaking, about how desperately people in central asia want to educate their children and the lengths to which they will go to accomplish it. It’s a story about how a few people with a passion for education change lives.

Places to visit on the Web:

Not One Sparrow. As their tag line says, they are “a Christian voice for animals”.  Not One Sparrow is dedicated to helping Christians, particularly evangelical Christians think seriously, theologically and faithfully about our relationships with and our responsibilities toward animals. Ben DeVries, the founder and moving force behind this effort, is doing good work here. (I would say that even if I didn’t know Ben and even if my writing about animals didn’t appear at NOS. Really, I would.)

And as if Not One Sparrow wasn’t enough work, Ben has also recently launched, with those who, a journal of empathy  Ben uses art, music, literature, current events, scripture and even humor to explore the topic of empathy.

Flourish is a site that ” inspires and equips churches to better love God by reviving human lives and the landscapes on which they depend”. They write about what is sometimes called creation care. Others might simply call it environmentalism from a Christian worldview.

Eco-Journey is a PC (USA) site devoted to environmental issues. This site encourages environmental advocacy both within congregations and politically.

Science and the Sacred is the blog of  the Biologos Foundation and always has thoughtful articles about science, religion and their integration.

The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus is a British cartoon that is sometimes funny but mostly thought-provoking.

Through the Waters is a new blog from the PC(USA) focused on vocation in the broadest sense of the term, to understand discipleship as extending to all parts of our lives.

Well, that’s enough for one weekend.  Please feel free to share your favorite sites with us in the comments section.

One thought on “This and That

  1. Nancy, you made my day, thank you! (And I’ll have to bump up your contributor’s pay a bit for the plug 🙂 .) In all seriousness, I really value your friendship and writing as well, and have so much appreciated all you’ve shared on Not One Sparrow, as well as the opportunity I’ve had to highlight a few other pieces of late on With Those Who. It’s more of a side project, but I do feel contsantly behind the eight ball trying to maintain both sites sometimes for sure! gratefully, Ben

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