Are We More than our Brains?

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This week, I want to send you over to the Presbyterian bloggers site. As you might know, once a month I write a post on science and religion over there.  Last month I wrote about Nancey Murphy’s book, Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? both at the Presbyterian bloggers site and here.  

Please follow the link over to the Presbyterian bloggers site and then tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Are We More than our Brains?

  1. Nancy,
    Since I had to read your previous post first, my brain has been pondering your question ever since. Definitely not an easy one, plus one has to be be schooled enough in the topic just to be able to respond.

    On one hand, my faith side thinks of a soul .. but my science side doubts if any scientific evidence supports a soul. Therefore, I tend to think that the soul is due to an interaction within a brain … thus on our wiring.

    Nonetheless, I thank you for stimulating me to think about this perplexing question at a level I haven’t thought before.

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