Ready or Not, Here Christmas comes.

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Well, it’s Christmas eve. Are you ready?

Are you tired of people asking you if you’re ready?

I’m writing this Tuesday (Dec 21) afternoon. We have no tree, no presents, no cookies. A few decorations are up, most are still in boxes in the living room.

Will all that needs to be done, get done before Christmas? I don’t know.

What I do know is Christmas is coming, ready or not.

Like most of life, really. Ready or not.

The fact that Christmas comes, ready or not, is a good thing- theologically speaking that is.

Left to our own devices, we would never be ready. Never could be ready. And- let me just speak for myself here- most days, it’s a struggle to want to be ready. It is so much easier to drift along, living in an insular world, deliberately clueless.

Christmas comes, ready or not.

The Messiah comes, ready or not

Emmanuel God with us, ready or not.

Hallelujah and Merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Ready or Not, Here Christmas comes.

  1. Hallelujah, Nancy! Christmas comes, ready or not. Blessings on you and all your family and wishes for a joy-filled Christmas! Fondly, Ruth

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