The Aflockalypse?

You may have heard the news, a lot of birds died in Arkansas this week.  My monthly science and religion post at the Presbyterian Bloggers site is about this. You can read my post here. Please take a small amount of time to read the links, especially some of the comments to the articles.  Part of my point with that post is that our beliefs affect the way we react to events. When thousands of birds die, a biologist sees one thing and a believer in a particular end times theology sees another.

I’ll write more about this next week, but for now– I’d like to know, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Aflockalypse?

  1. Nancy,
    I’m the first to admit that my biblical knowledge is shallow. On the other hand, my knowledge about the interaction between science & theology is in the upper 1 percentile among laypeople. Therefore, I’m struck by your profound statements about our (as a whole) weak knowledge about both science and theology.

    You are right on … how can we expect people to understand issues with such a lack of knowledge? Yes, the church can step-up it’s role in helping the flock learn, but it is also the responsibility of each of us not only to take advantage of the offerings, but to simply push ourselves to learn.

    Well done Nancy!

  2. Yes Frank you are right, we can’t make people learn. Generations of teachers know that. How do we create a culture that values learning? One that really values it,not simply gives it lip service.

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