A Leap of Truth

Science and Religion are portrayed to be in ha...
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This week I want to share a series of short video clips with you.

The folks at Biologos have a variety of resources available for those who wish to explore the ways Christianity and science can compliment and inform each other. If you are interested at all in the so called, “science and religion controversy” ( and particularly if your hunch is that there is not really a controversy or you hope that the two can be reconciled) it’s worth your time to explore this very content rich site.

Today I would like to direct your attention to a series of short video clips from the forthcoming documentary “A Leap of Truth”. These short 5-6 minute clips are designed for use in small groups or high school and adult education classes. Here is the link to the first one, “Evolutionary Creation”.  Subsequent video clips (to date) are “The Book of Genesis”, “The Fall”, “Paul’s Adam”, and “Framing the Debate”.

And just for completeness sake, here is a link to the trailer. It doesn’t appear that the documentary has been released yet. And of course putting these clips on the Biologos site is very clever marketing. Never the less, these clips are well done, and feature well know participants in the science and religion dialogue.

That’s all I have to say this week- short and to the point. I would prefer you spent some time watching these clips. Then come on back, and tell us what you think and how this videos might help (or hurt?) the relationship between science and Christianity.

What do you think?

I’m been on the road last week and also this week. I’ll have intermittent access to the internet, but I’ll check in when I am able.

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