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In August, I will have the opportunity to meet with some young adults who will be entering college this fall. This transition from high school to college is an important time. Many important decisions are made,career choices, dating and marriage partners, where to live, how to live. .. . New people, new ideas, and new possibilities are encountered.  My campus ministry colleagues* and I are hosting a one day event – Jump In- to help students with this important transition.

It is no secret that many emerging adults leave the church, and more importantly, leave the faith during college. Some intentionally walk away, but perhaps more just drift away.

Our hope with this event is to begin a conversation with students about college and faith. We want to listen to these students, to hear what they are excited about and what they are concerned about.  We want to encourage discussion about what it might mean to be a Christian and a college student. We want to help students claim  and embrace their faith. We want to tell ( and show) these students that the church is concerned about them and “there” for them. (By the way, “being there” is one of the main purposes of campus ministry- to be there, on campus as the church for students)

There are, as you might imagine many, many things we could talk about. I would like to ask for your insight and suggestions.

What would you tell a new college freshman about claiming one’s faith while at college?

What was the most helpful advise you received when you went to college?

What was the most UN- helpful advise you received?


*Jump In is a collaborative event hosted by the campus ministries of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan (PCUSA). Any incoming freshman student is welcome to attend.  The participating campus ministries are, Peoples EVOLution in East Lansing MI, United Campus Ministries, Kalamazoo MI and True North Campus Ministry,in downtown Grand Rapids MI. (BTW you don’t need to be Presbyterian to attend. All the participating ministries, while supported by the PC(USA), are open to all students who are interested and wish to attend.


If you want to learn more about emerging adults and faith,

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3 thoughts on “advise for college

  1. Reminds me of my college days. While away, my attendance was occasional (at best). But at home during summer, I was there … and then when I was out of college and married, it was back to church. Meanwhile, campus ministry work must be tough!

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