Wasteful or Extravagant?

Sometimes people who argue against evolution cite it’s apparent wastefulness and dead ends as reasons it can’t be true. God would not design a world with wastefulness and purposeless lives. But one person’s wastefulness is another’s extravagance. What seems purposeless may ultimately be full of meaning.

Are the thousands of maple seeds that fly through the air and fall to the ground signs of waste or signs of abundance?


If the seed doesn’t grow into a tree, was it wasted? If a squirrel eats it was it wasted? If it falls to the ground and becomes part of the earth and nourishes other plants was it wasted?


Perhaps it is only wasted if it is not appreciated.

The most awake, the most mindful of us still doesn’t appreciate all. How much then, do we waste?

All those seeds

All those tadpoles

All those sparrows


What is their purpose?

Is their purpose merely the function they have in the environment? Or is there more going on?

Is function and utility all there is to life?

What makes life meaningful?

All those seeds

All those tadpoles

All those sparrows

Is their meaning found in God’s delight and love?  Can divine love be their purpose?

Are those thousands of maple seeds loved by God?

All those tadpoles?

All those sparrows?



Parents often wonder before the second child is born if they will be able to love another child as much as they love the first child. What parents discover is that love grows.It expands without effort on our part.  There is enough love for two, or more. If our capacity to love can expand, what about God’s capacity to love?

So step outside and imagine, try to imagine the Love that loves everything you see.

Waste or extravagance?

What do you see?

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