Remember Well the Future

Taking a picture of a page in the hymnal is probably not quite legit. But here it is. It has become a favorite hymn of mine. (All the information about the composers- text and hymn tune and the hymnal are at the end of the blog post.)


What I particularly want to point out is the third verse.

“Rise, Remember well the future, God has called us to receive;

present by God’s loving nurture, Spirited then let us live.”


Remember well the future. What an interesting phrase. How can we remember the future?

But we do have glimpses in scripture of God’s intended future for us and for all creation. Scripture is full of those images, a time when all are safe, healthy, fed, able to live full, wonderful lives, a world at peace.

It is important for us not to forget. We need to remember well. In times when we have trouble hearing each other well, when fears of all sorts drive our speech and language and actions, when persons and organizations thrive on division; we need to remember well.

God has called us to receive. This future is something we receive. We work toward it and live into it but this particular future is God’s gift, God’s promise to us. And so because it is God’s future, promised to us, we can wait with confidence.

Present by God’s loving nurture. And yet, this future promised us, is also present here. When we see and experience and practice loving nurture, God’s loving nurture is present also. God present and working now and little glimpses, little outposts of the kingdom are around us.

Spirited then let us live. Come Holy Spirit, help us live remembering well the future.

Alleluia, Alleluia.


Glory to God Hymnal

Text by Susan Palo Cherwien


Composer: Timothy J. Strand

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