Being Human

This post is longer than typical because it is the transcript of a sermon given on August 9 at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids MI. Sermons are, of course, meant to be heard rather than read so the style of this post reflects that. If you would rather hear than read, you can listen […]

Vocation looking backwards

Last weekend I had the opportunity to talk about Christian call and vocation with an adult education class. Normally I have this conversation with 17-21 year old people but last weekend the crowd was a bit older, closer to retirement age. I asked them to think about what society had told them about vocation, what […]

Wrestling with God

Jacob is not a very likable guy. He cheats his brother, deceives his father, sneaks away from his father in law.  Jacob, you may recall, had to leave his home in a hurry after cheating his brother Esau. Esau was angry and wanted to kill Jacob. Jacob spends years living with his father in law away from Esau. Finally […]

Isaac, promised yet dull son

God promises Abraham and Sarah a son and descendants and they wait and wait and wait. Finally, Isaac is born and seven verses tell the story. (Genesis 21:1-7). We are ready for the story to develop.  We have read about the relationship between God and Abraham. We wonder what will God and Isaac do? We […]