Good Friday 2020

When I read the synoptic gospel accounts *of Jesus arrest and trial, I come away with a sense of confusion, anguish, and disorder. It’s nearly chaotic. It was a politically turbulent time, and Passover in Jerusalem was particularly so. The political and religious powers were on edge and worried about unrest in the city. After […]

Baby Sized Signs

Christmas, for the Western church, is over. (Happy Christmas to Orthodox readers!) The Christmas stories are full of signs and so I’ve been thinking about signs- the ways God makes God’s self and God’s desires known to us. Sometimes God makes a “statement”. Pillars of fire. Parting seas. Obvious signs that we should pay attention. […]

The Holy Innocents

The Bible just never lets us off the hook. There’s no coasting. No relaxing. The church has just celebrated Christmas, with all the familiar, comforting stories. The sweet carols.  Angels and shepherds. And little baby Jesus, sleeping in heavenly peace. Candlelight and lullabies. The Christmas story is sweet and wonderful. It is a tender story […]