The Comercialization of Christmas, a Good thing?

Many of us bemoan the ubiquitous, commercial nature of Christmas. It is fairly easy to find commentary critical of the consumer Christmas phenomena. Search “christmas and consumerism” on your favorite search engine and you can read until your eyes glaze over. 

But before we all jump completely on the anti- commercialization bandwagon, consider what  author Ace Collins has to say at Read the Spirit.

 Because of commercialization, “Christmas is almost everywhere. This gives us a chance to talk about the real meaning of the season with those who have never set foot in a church. We now have a platform to get the word out about Jesus, to tell the true story of Christmas. This is an opportunity we shouldn’t ignore.
    “Remember, Christ used weddings and feasts to spread God’s message. We can do the same. We can be sensitive for opportunities to spread the word while shopping, doing charity work, giving out presentations. Through our actions, we can use commercialization to put Jesus back into the season. And we don’t even have to leave our hometowns.

I’m not so sure about Christmas as a “Platform” but Ace Collins might have a point. The question is, how exactly would we do this? Perhaps I’m dense, but I can’t think of a time when shopping afforded me the opportunity to talk about Jesus. 

I can think of ways our family practices and habits can “put Jesus back into the season”.  I can see how conversations with neighbors or coworkers about how we are celebrating “the holidays’ might.

I’m both intrigued and a little baffled by Ace Collins suggestion. I’d like to know, what do you think?

For ideas about reframing our practice of Christmas, you might like to visit

Buy Nothing Christmas    and

Advent Conspiracy 

I would appreciate your additions to this very short list.

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